Integrated Real Estate Projects Development

LSR GesDev ensures a perfect balance between the dynamics of the site and the expectations of the customers in order to offer them a living environment with high added value. With an experienced team, we facilitate the realization of projects by adapting our approach according to the needs of our clients and our business partners. 

We monitor and centralize all stages of development in order to offer an integrated and turnkey service. 

Choosing LSR GesDev means choosing a transparent developer whose role is to carry out projects by surrounding ourselves with a team of first-rate financial partners and experts.


Residential Dwellings

Our team supports the complete process of monitoring the construction of real estate projects. We manage the coordination with the subcontractors involved in the different stages of the project, ensuring cohesiveness and efficiency throughout the process.

Since we work as a team with general contractors, we ensure impartial development management.

Land Development

Our team ensures that all the elements are present for the success of the development of a real estate project. We are equipped to develop projects with multiple owner-occupants or to resell ready-to-build land to a real estate developer.

Our methods include:

  • The feasibility study
  • Legal and regulatory aspects
  • Rezoning
  • Subdivision of lots (subdivision)
  • Site planning and architectural integration plans (PIIA)
  • The necessary infrastructure





Property Management

Our sister company Albert Immobilier manages buildings with a tailor-made, innovative and optimal approach. The objective is to maximize the expectations of our customers, our investors and our tenants in order to optimize your short-term assets and enhance them over the long term, while improving the quality of life of residents.

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Housing for the elderly

Our sister company LRS Santé designs and owns quality buildings in order to meet the needs of managers in the care industry adapted to people with loss of autonomy, while maintaining a living environment that is rewarding and stimulating for residents as well as for the employees.

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