Sustainable Development

Durable & ecological construction

LSR GesDev advocates construction that has a positive impact on the environment and lasts over time. For this reason, several working measures are put in place to achieve this goal. 

LEED® construction certification is a vehicle for achieving our sustainable construction target. Our team and our partners are committed to working together to achieve this standard.


Eco-Friendly Construction - Solid Wood

Wood has several advantages, including construction quality, strength, long-term viability, fire resistance, ecological aspect, modern and innovative visual appearance.

CLT (cross-laminated timber) solid wood panels are the result of a technology that transforms lumber into a new generation of building materials that can be used for the building structures such as walls, floors and rooftops. The laminated slats of CLT solid wood panels are strong and have similar qualities to reinforced concrete slabs.

A material used for high-rise constructions, CLT solid wood panels increase the stability of the building when coupled with a lightweight frame, which allows for higher construction. Solid wood panels are as strong as concrete but 5 times lighter; they are even 15 times lighter than steel which reduces the weight on the foundations as well as the floors where buildings are built.

About LEED®

LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognized standards program aimed at reducing the environmental impact associated with the construction and operation of green buildings. LEED® certification differentiates projects that have demonstrated a commitment to sustainability by meeting the highest performance standards.

For homeowners, a LEED® investment provides a return on investment over the life of the building, as LEED® buildings cost less to operate, reduce water and energy bills by up to 40%, and increase overall occupant satisfaction*.

*Source: Conseil du bâtiment durable du Canada

Did you know?

A LEED® building:

  • Has a longer lifespan than a standard building.
  • Is much less expensive to maintain.
  • Has a better resale value.
  • Consumes less water, electricity and natural resources, while generating less waste.
  • Offers superior thermal insulation.
  • Is more airtight building and therefore less prone to air infiltration.
  • Offers a healthier and more comfortable living environment for its occupants
  • Gives access to subsidies and other financial advantages (ex: discounts with certain insurers)
  • Generates short, medium and long-term savings, both for the owner and for the planet!

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